A new civil society project.

We are living in decisive times. After the experience of the pandemic, amidst the pain and moments of extraordinary humanity, we realized that it was time to change important things in our lives and our societies. Just when it seemed that we were beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we were faced with a war in Europe and its economic consequences. Rampant inflation has returned to Europe, uncertainty grows and hate speeches and fear of the different have also returned.
Our democratic societies carry too many wounds and the political parties are not able to offer integral solutions and a horizon for a shared future. But the citizens who know that politics is the only tool of the common people to transform reality are waiting for us. Sumar wants to be a tool at the service of the country with the goal of broadening democracy.

Sumar is an initiative aimed at promoting the listening process that will take Yolanda Díaz to travel all over the country. It is about listening, dialoguing and building together a civil society project for the next decade.
In short, Sumar wants to build hope so that a new country can emerge. We can be a country with decent work and greater equality, a leader in a just transition and a feminist forerunner of all kind of rights and freedoms. We can be a country to be proud of. Join us to make it possible together.